Local Flavor Review: Satellite Hearts – “Four To The Floor” EP (2013)

By Billy G.


Philadelphia-based rockers Satellite Hearts have returned with Four To The Floor, a three song offering that zealously embraces the warm spirit of summer and friendship. From the funk-tinged “Midnight Sun” to the unchained energy of “The Kill” to the nostalgic “Getting Along,” this EP had me bobbing my head and beaming like I had just heard “Cinnamon Girl” for the first time. It seems that Satellite Hearts have grown much since Imperial Green, as they have acquired a more focused, mature sound here.

Either by accident or divine decree, the songs here subconsciously chronicle one hot summer night, starting at dusk with “Midnight Sun.” Shades of Roger Waters’ “Have A Cigar” mingle with the funk-a-dunk vibes, totally nailing the abstract beauty of a sunset. A wild night of sex, booze, and partying erupt out of your speakers with “The Kill”; if the Hives, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Fu Manchu were blended together, you’d have this song. My favorite track, “Getting Along,” is probably the best song that Satellite Hearts have yet produced.

Completing this crazy August night, “Getting Along” is the pondering, the reflection, the bonding of friends. The lyrics and arrangements are shark-tooth sharp; I love the touch of harmonica amid the feel-good ambience generated by the guitars, bass, and a very busy drum kit. With this song, summer is waning, with work and school looming large on the horizon – it’s both euphoria and sorrow in one last reverie. The progression of this song will hit you right in the gut, because we’ve all been at this juncture many times.

Four To The Floor will be released on the Satellite Hearts BandCamp page on Friday, September 13th. The band will also be releasing music videos for each song, starting with “Midnight Sun.”

EDIT: The band has taken down the preview video for the EP, so I’ve provided a live video of them performing “Midnight Sun” :

Satellite Hearts are:

Justin M. Pellecchia – Guitar, vocals, and harmonica

Lucas Rinz – Bass and vocals

Keaton Thandi – Drums, percussion, and vocals

Dre DiMura – Guitar and vocals

Follow / contact the band:

Official Satellite Hearts website

Official Satellite Hearts Facebook

Official Satellite Hearts Twitter

Satellite Hearts on Bandcamp

Satellite Hearts’ YouTube Channel


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